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About us

Our vehicles
Our vehicles undergo stringent annual compliancy and safety checks. We operate strict “vehicle defect” and “daily checking” policies within our organization so you can rest assured that our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards.


Price list

We use the price list has been defined by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks.

Decision Nr. Α54501/5518 (ΦΕΚ Β' 227/05-02-2014)

Price list

Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks.

Decision Nr. Α54501/5518/28.1.2014
Flat rate - Meter starts at... 1,29 €
Rate per km inside city limits (Nr.1) 0,74 €
Rate per km outside city limits (Nr.2) 1,29 €
Waiting time per hour 11,81 €
Extra charge for Ports, Railway Stations & Bus Stations  1,17 €
Extra charge for each baggage over 10kg  0,43 €
Minimum Fare 3,69 €


  • After 20' waiting time the price is organised between the client and the taxi driver.
  • Passengers are responsible to pay all tolls & ferries.
  • The prices is included VAT 23%


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